Epilogue: Notes on the State of Olympia

Unless the temptation to post a thought here or there becomes too great, there will be no more posts here. As has been obvious for a while, I think Olympia or Thurston County the land use-zoning scheme is mired in the fundamentals and traditions of yesteryear. I find it not only frustrating but counter to our own stated goals (at least as to how the latter were presented to the planning commission while I served on it). On the other hand, these land-use regimes are completely consistent with our actions: we have sprawl, parking lots and boxy buildings because we like, we use, and we buy. We’re not any different from anywhere else I suppose except we seem to be a little more outspoken about our aspirations if our bumper stickers are sincere. When one starts feeling this way about its subject, one must back away.

Furthermore, I have much less free time than ever and during that time, I don’t want to think about things that frustrate me. Indeed, the OPC is at it again with the Comprehensive Plan. Unless you like train wrecks, pay them no mind.

On that note, I bid you an affectionate farewell.

P.S., here’s a list of my most viewed posts and I didn’t think this stuff was even close to my best work. 🙂

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