Keeping an Eye on the Olympia City Council

The City of Olympia has offered some additional tools by which we can keep track of public meetings. One of my final meetings on the planning commission was a presentation of the new Granicus system for archiving, locating, indexing, using, the agendas and minutes from previous meetings as well as keeping oneself apprised of future meetings. The system isn’t up and running completely, but it’s not too early to take a look at what is in store.

This link takes you to future meetings of the OPC. (I found this by clicking on the URL associated with the City Council meetings.) If you scroll down to click on the City Council meeting archives, you’ll be in for a wealth of minutes and agendas, as well as the videos for those meetings. Nice!

I recall hearing, but perhaps erroneously, that the OPC meetings will be likewise archived (audio only). This will be valuable to the four or five people who pay attention to the OPC absent a controversial land use decision. Much more important than the OPC and other advisory committees will be the availability of the council committees (e.g. Land Use, General Government etc.).  The current .zip files which have loads of staff reports–in fact all for the week–are a bit clunky when there are so many better technology options around.

What do you think?

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