A Favorite Downtown Olympia Walk

I am a frequent user of the pedestrian and public-transit modes of transportation. As some of you may know by now, I’ve decided to move my office from Fourth and Washington up the Eastside hill near the Olympian building and because of that, one of my favorite downtown walks will no longer be a part of my regular work-week programming. The walk in question begins at the Security Building and ends at the Lee Creighton Justice Center (i.e. the old City Hall building at 900 Plum). Here are some landmarks that I’ll miss:

The back-end of the newly refurbished Artesian Well. (Imagine it without the parking!)

The Fish Brewing Company–especially when the brewing is in full progress.

I always loved this bench that, on the day in question, David Sanborn’s Voyeur saw fit to occupy.

Next of course is the mouth watering SouthBay BBQ, whose move to its current location, and subsequent revitalization of a warehouse is the stuff that belongs in every town of Olympia’s size.

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2 Responses to A Favorite Downtown Olympia Walk

  1. Rob Richards says:

    You old softie! Downtown will surely miss your presence.

  2. Mark Derricott says:

    I’ll only be a short walk away. 🙂

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