Regular Olympia Planning Commission Meeting 7.9.2012

Tonight’s planning commission meeting (agenda here) will revisit the Permanent Quixote Village (QV) in light of recent litigation by contiguous parcel owners to stop it.

It appears that staff believes the  adoption of an amendment will remedy the Growth Management Hearing Board’s concerns about the implementation of QV:

The Planning Commission’s responsibility is to timely formulate and forward to the City Council recommendations on proposed

Comprehensive Plan amendments that:

• Clarify that a permanent homeless encampment can be allowed within the Light Industrial Zoning District;

• Are consistent with the Growth Management Act and the rest of the Comprehensive Plan; and

• The current zoning regulations implement this comprehensive plan amendment.

City staff believes that the proposed amendments (Attachment 1) address a GMHB Decision and encourage the Planning Commission to concur and forward your recommendation to the City Council for further consideration.

As you can probably imagine by now, the amendments make exceptions for a permanent homeless encampment.

Ain’t comprehensive plans great? 🙂

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