Downtown Olympia’s Urban Living Options

I’m always curious about the amenities some of these older apartment buildings downtown offer. Craigslist has one right now. (I’m not affiliated with this apartment building or its owner in any way.)

$920 a month for a 2 bedroom, while the 1 bedroom is $760. Both have some initial lease incentives like free rent.

This appears to be the place, right across from Sylvester Park:

How does this compare to other urban options you’ve seen in Olympia? Craigslist has a long list though not many are in multi-family buildings.

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One Response to Downtown Olympia’s Urban Living Options

  1. Laurian says:

    That is the Elks building. I lived there for close to eight years. The building is nice but the current property management company is a stone cold nightmare. I received a half dozen erroneous 3 days to pay or vacate notices. I heard similar stories from at least a dozen other residents. When I moved out I was informed I owed them close to $900.00 dollars a position they maintain even after sending them a copy of the check they received. Twice.

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