Special Olympia Planning Commission Meeting 6.20.2012

This Wednesday the Comprehensive Plan Update subcommittee, chaired by Rob Richards will hold a meeting to discuss the public involvement in the review of the July Draft (as they are now calling the second version of the comprehensive plan draft).

The staff report details the evolving plan that the OPC and staff are formulating.

At the June 4 Planning Commission meeting, Commissioners discussed options brought forward by staff, as well as a proposal developed separately by Commissioner Ingman. Commissioner Ingman’s framework for public participation incorporated the following elements:
• Informal kick-off workshop
• Initial Commission deliberation phase with public testimony taken at multiple meetings
• Second public hearing
Commissioners opted to accept Commissioner Ingman’s proposal; however, chose to replace the “Informal kick-off workshop” element with the public hearing proposal that incorporates multiple evenings of a combination staff open house and time for public testimony. Testimony can be provided individually, or in groups of two, three, or four. Specific groups or experts within the community will also be encouraged and invited to participate in the public hearings.

WEEEEEEEE! See you at 6:30 in room 207 of City Hall.

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One Response to Special Olympia Planning Commission Meeting 6.20.2012

  1. I’ll sit-in on this one, merely as a sign of moral support for you & Rob, if our Wed’s nite D&D is cancelled
    Thanks for spending your time on this

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