Olympia Hilton Garden Inn

On page 6, 7 and 8 of this Presubmission Conference submittal, you can view plans for Olympia’s Hilton. It’s not near downtown, not in a walkable community–or any community at all for that matter–and would fit in just as well in Omaha as Olympia. It appears just the thing for people who need to catch some shuteye on their way to somewhere else.

Here’s the location via Google Maps:

What do you think? Just what we need to revitalize downtown and jumpstart tourism?  More of the same? Any other comments? The hearing is at 9:00 am on June 20 in room 207 at City Hall.

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2 Responses to Olympia Hilton Garden Inn

  1. Matthew Green says:

    A bit of history: This site has been under consideration for various hotel/restaurant developments for many years. The roundabout was actually built as a requirement of one of the previous proposals.

    The site’s greatest bit of notoriety came during the conference center debate. Supporters were desperately trying to find money to fill the growing funding gap for the increasingly expensive conference center. So, among other things, they specifically counted all the hotel taxes from this site — on the assumption that the hotel would be built within one year. That was 2003. Five members of the council voted for that plan, even after this (and other) absurdities were pointed out. Thankfully (for the city’s budget), the absurdities built up to the point that the whole conference center proposal collapsed.

    • Mark Derricott says:

      This hotel would be the cherry on top of a mountainous sundae of absurdities in Olympia’s land use decisions as applied to a specific area. I’ve always thought there should be “more” from Eastside Street over to this site (I take that exit often because I live in the Eastside neighborhood). There is actually some potential–and there’s no reason why another hotel might be part of it. On the other hand, you’d never leave this Hilton if you stayed there, couldn’t walk anywhere and in the Hulbert’s Shell area, and finally, the most interesting thing you might find if you’re lucky is the Japanese Gardens. So we’ve basically spread out all the assets to the point that they equal much less than the sum of their parts. I find that extremely frustrating.

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