Downtown Olympia Mixed Use at Quince and Fourth Ave

A presubmission conference request has been filed for the location of the now closed Subway on Fourth and Quince (across from Gravity Beer Market). The plan is to renovate the Subway shell, turn it into a drive through, add two food carts, and mixed use retail/apartments that will run parallel with Fourth Avenue. See here for the site plan.

I’m all in on this one. More housing downtown likely with views of the Capitol, the parking is off the street front, little to no setback from the sidewalk and the addition of food carts and retail could turn this long underused corner of Olympia into something much more interesting. The drive through on a one way street could be problematic, but whenever we substitute a parking lot for multi-family housing, I’ll probably be supportive.

Here’s the location via Google Maps:

What do you think?

More of the same? Any other comments? The hearing is at 10:00 am on June 20 in room 207 at City Hall.

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1 Response to Downtown Olympia Mixed Use at Quince and Fourth Ave

  1. Luke Bowerman says:

    It’s worth noting that the mixed use is by the same folks currently renovating the Cunningham Building – also involved in the development of Seabrook, WA on the coast ( They definitely know how to build street-scale attractive buildings.

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