Downtown Olympia’s Ambassador

I’d personally like to welcome Brian Wilson to his new position. Brian is truly a familiar face downtown and I couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to take over this job. If you spend any time downtown, you’ve got to love this development too. Here’s the Chicago Tribune’s coverage.

A large part of Wilson’s role will be overseeing the city’s Downtown Project, a set of downtown-improvement initiatives. He will monitor the city’s voluntary ban on some high-alcohol drinks downtown and work with bars to prevent overserving. Another initiative is “placemaking,” including sprucing up the artesian well and converting a few downtown parking spaces into mini-parks called parklets.

“Brian will be responsible for moving the downtown project forward,” said Keith Stahley, director of Community Planning and Development and Wilson’s boss.

I hate metaphors like “moving the downtown project forward”, but I do agree with Mr. Stahley that Brian is the one for this job. A perfect illustration occurred yesterday morning, in the rain, when Brian and I had a stop and chat on the way to our respective places of work. I don’t even like stop and chats, but it’s nice to know that other people are walking to work at 7:30 am in downtown Olympia too. For a minute, I felt like the city I live in was actually a grown up city, small town feel be damned.

Good luck, Brian! I’m with you until you piss me off, in which case I’ll carry a grudge until my ashes are scattered.

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3 Responses to Downtown Olympia’s Ambassador

  1. Why to f^&* is that article on a Chicago news site? Hilarious.

  2. Larry Leveen says:

    Oh and Brian, don’t feel either persecuted OR special, Mark is with ANYONE until they piss him off — at which point he carries a grudge until the scattering of his ashes. Either way, you’re likely to be mentioned in this blog. Fifteen minutes of fame OR infamy — your choice!

  3. Mark Derricott says:

    Sorry folks, I worry that without some negativity in a post, people won’t recognize me. 🙂

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