What amenity do you desire for Olympia?

Ten years from now, if you could choose any single amenity that you think would make Olympia that much better, what would it be?

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11 Responses to What amenity do you desire for Olympia?

  1. Rob Richards says:

    I think we would benefit greatly from a modern art museum.

  2. Larry Leveen says:

    Retrofitting “Little Lacey” on Olympia’a westside with the land use our Comp Plan calls for — street connectivity and mixed use with residential densities that support transit.

    No, I tend not to color inside the lines 😉

  3. A solid connection to Sound Transit – ideally light (or heavy) rail so it’s realistic to use mass transit to travel out of Thurston County.

    • I’m not hard and fast on this, but I’ve always been against high speed rail between Seattle and Olympia. Its part of my Olympia as an island, not a satellite of Seattle thing. I don’t want to make it too easy to get to Seattle.

  4. Geoduck says:

    Ditto what Luke said. Imagine being able to get on a train in downtown Oly, and get off in downtown Tacoma. Let’s run the thing down to Centralia and Chehalis while we’re at it.

    And personally, a big and tall clothing store would be nice.

  5. Thad Curtz says:

    Take the center left turn lane out of the stretch of Capitol Way between The Bread Peddler and the Farmers’ Market and turn it into a boulevard with really big trees, like Legion Way or Maple Park – enhanced by a couple of big fountains along the way….

  6. Mark Derricott says:

    I’d really like the Ralph’s Thriftway area to have a Thai place, a watering hole, a real coffee shop, and sidewalk connectivity to Twisters.

  7. Great Question Mark and good suggestions folks…

    –here is my short list–

    #1 Rail spur in-town (public siding is zoned for behind Post Office…passenger rail doesn’t need to terminate in Port)
    #2 a regional aquatic center with spa, splash pool, and competition watercourse …could be downtown or above Tumwater Falls)
    #3 play-field with basketball, handball courts, and other outdoor play-space
    #4 marine depot for passenger ferry, local harvest seafood market & scuba amenities
    #5 covered arcade pedestrian mall and year-around variety market-space
    #5 LEEDS certified mixed-use buildings for retail & residence

    …I have a TRPC poster from the Comp Plan in ’97 that will blow-your-mind, and has been the inspiration for the Eastend Urban Renewal project I’m working on.

  8. tom hyde says:

    Is affordable, attractive downtown living space an amenity? If not, then first things first.

  9. YLlama says:

    I’d love a roller rink worthy of our Donnas. Preferably near the HOCM. Be nice if it had tiered seating. And skee-ball for when the skating is done.

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