Olympia Arts Walk 2012

The Arts Walk on the Friday night before Procession is the realization of Olympia’s potential.

It seems that a few days a year, Olympians forsake their cars, forebear complaints about parking, and actually walk around downtown, greeting each other as fellow residents and citizens of the same community. Tonight, we’ll embrace standing on the sidewalk; we’ll experience something new, unexpected; and we might even find that elusive place downtown to have a glass of wine with one’s friends.  If we could do half these things more than twice a year, 90% of all of our local issues would be resolved. (Thanks for trying, Mathias.)

See you there—rain or shine.

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2 Responses to Olympia Arts Walk 2012

  1. cascadian12 says:

    You’re on to something here. Why don’t we do this monthly? Some cities have a regular “first Friday” (or pick your day of the week) centered on art gallery tours. Of course, we don’t quite have the cultural infrastructure…but a reason to leave the cars at home and walk through town on a more regular basis would be good all around.

  2. emmettoconnell says:

    First Friday, huh? Why didn’t we think of that?


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