Planning Commissioners dead. Long Live Planning Commissioners! (2012 Edition)

Last night the Olympia City Council unanimously approved the recommendations of the General Government Committee (GCC) for 2012 OPC appointments. (You can watch the video here by selecting agenda item 6C.) That means the OPC will carry forward with only nine commissioners.

The council also referred a work item to the GCC to determine the number and composition of the OPC going forward. Such action may require an amendment to the Olympia Municipal Code but will at the very least require amending the OPC bylaws. Councilmember Roe expressed a desire to get the new commissioners appointed immediately because the OPC retreat is this weekend. (Call this author pleased as punch that he isn’t obligated to attend said retreat–the only thing worse than a lot of OPC meetings is an OPC retreat.) Prior to decision, Councilmember Rogers asked Commissioners Tousley and Horn for comments regarding representation from members of the business community. Councilmember Roe demurred, stating that she did not feel it appropriate to put those commissioners on the spot. Once again the GCC recommendations were unanimously adopted.

I mentioned here that former Commissioners Wolf and Muller were not recommended for reappointment by the GGC. I noticed that the erstwhile Commissioner Muller addressed the council last night during the public communication portion of the city council meeting, but the audio is completely garbled and his comments at least for now are known only to those who were physically present in the council chambers last night. Anyone want to tell me what he said?

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One Response to Planning Commissioners dead. Long Live Planning Commissioners! (2012 Edition)

  1. cascadian12 says:

    Congratulations, Mark, on not having to attend the retreat! I’ve been meaning to get back to you with comments on your excellent posts, but the flow of information is a deluge these days and it’s all I can do to tread water.

    Anyway, with regard to your question about Muller, I listened to part of the meeting from home, including his remarks. He thanked the Council for the honor of serving on the commission, but was miffed, in so many words, that the Council hadn’t seen fit to extend his term because he had already made the sacrifice of time in the past and had worked hard to resolve all the issues that came before the commission and wanted to continue serving. He was basically lobbying to be re-appointed and was hoping they would continue with an 11-member commission.

    Personally, I think this is one of the Council’s better decisions so far.

    Carole (user name is now cascadian12)

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