Changing Our Way of Seeing Things

Enjoy this clever video from Saga City. It has several direct applications to our area. I’m embedding it today because it’s optimistic and after two years on the OPC, I’m not. I’ll get back there with a little more theory and little less reality. You just wait.

Follow the link below for a larger view.

Saga City – Our communities facing climate change from SAGA CITÉ on Vimeo.

What say ye?

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3 Responses to Changing Our Way of Seeing Things

  1. Carole says:

    Well, dang, I wish I’d known about this nice little video before I spent quite a bit of time developing a PowerPoint that delivers the exact same message! I’m in complete agreement with the video’s recommendations: First, we need to redraw the urban growth boundary to reduce the buildable-land footprint (yes!!!!); then, we need to live in pleasant green neighborhoods, not “stacked flat product,” by building parking garages and using parking lots for infill; and we need to restore the environment by planting trees and infiltrating water as we re-develop. Does the City and Planning Commission share this vision? Do they understand it? I was upfront in my OPC application in saying that this is what I would promote because it makes so much sense – is this why I wasn’t selected? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Mark Derricott says:


      You should consider an OPC appointment a dodged bullet. I admire people who serve there the same way I admire dentists–glad they exist, but glad I don’t have to stick my nose and hands in everyone’s disgusting mouth.

      I’ll have much more to say about public service and the concept of social change. In most ways it goes back to Truman: “There’s no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.” If you have an ambitious set of social prescriptions like this (and I have reason to believe that you do ;-)), I honestly can’t think of a worse place to start than joining the OPC unless of course you’re inclined to take the longest possible route to that destination.

      • Rob Richards says:

        Somebody get this guy a hug!

        A lot of good work gets done on the Planning Commission, Mark will even admit it in his softer moments, and more is on the way. We’re going to really refine things around how we operate, our relationships to each, staff, and Council – I’m optimistic that that will yield good results. If not, and things continue as usual, this is my last year, and I can say I tried.

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