OPC: February 8, 2012 Special Planning Commission Meeting (CPU)

Tomorrow night’s comprehensive plan update meeting appears to be a briefing on the latest progress of the public involvement associated with the initial draft of the Comprehensive Plan Update. (Can you believe it’s this close to being released?)

The agenda is here.

The staff report is here.

The staff is seeking feedback on their ideas on the review process of the Comprehensive Plan itself and the Action/Implementation Plan which will serve as our guide to Elysium (the Greek word for a Comprehensive Plan that has been accomplished). I’ll leave this one by clipping the meat of the staff report:

Staff is working closely with consultant Jason Robertson, J Robertson and Company, to design public involvement opportunities that engage a diverse cross-section of the Olympia community, and result in valuable and constructive feedback on the proposed Plan updates.

The details of this process are still being determined, but in general it is likely to include two public forums with opportunities for community members to review the updates and engage in in-depth discussions with the team of staff writers. Staff would also like to introduce an Action Plan framework to affirm for the community that their ideas for implementing the Comprehensive Plan were heard and will form the basis for developing the content of the Action Plan in 2013.


See the staff briefing paper about the substantive public involvement sections of the comprehensive plan which was presented last fall. The policy proposals in this document may be applied tonight, but the meeting itself is about the process of public involvement in the draft release, not the substance of public involvement in those sections of the comprehensive plan.

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