OPC: December 5, 2011 Regular Meeting Agenda

The agenda is here.

The major item is the Shoreline Master Program with the setbacks and potentially heights along the shoreline as presribed in the draft chapters of 5 and 6 of the SMP. Most of the deliberation will be comprise a vote on setback limits that did not result in consensus in the  previous SMP Subcommittee meetings.

Tonight, the commission will elect its officers for the 2012 year. Chairperson Roger Horn did not seek, nor will he accept the nomination to continue in that post so there will be a new chairperson in 2012. Also, Richard Wolf has declined to serve as the Finance Committee chair, but Rob Richards has expressed interest in continuing as the Comprehensive Plan Subcommittee chairperson.

Tonight’s meeting will be the first of two this week. Since it’s December and people don’t really have much to do this time of year, we’ve decided that we’d prefer to spend another Saturday morning together in addition to those meetings we had last week and the week before (not to mention that glorious pre-Thanksgiving Saturday morning meeting).

Why don’t you drop in after the Friends of the Library book sale?

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2 Responses to OPC: December 5, 2011 Regular Meeting Agenda

  1. Sarcasm doesn’t carry well in the printed word, so I’m just going to safely assume that December is really quiet for you and you are looking forward to your Saturday civic duties.

  2. Mark Derricott says:

    You just won yourself a Christmas card, Emmett.

    (This comment brought to you by the League of Anti-Anti-Christmas.)

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